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ArchiMaster 3D

ArchiMaster3D now has enhanced speed during editing and inserting elements in a model. The added speed will make designing more efficient.
Import OBJ files – Object wizard and all custom block elements -> ArchiMaster3D is expanding integrations again through the ability to import .obj files. An OBJ file is a standard 3D format created in various 3D image editing programs.
3D objects can now be evenly aligned or distributed in a model using the Align and Distribute tool. This new tool will make it easier to layout objects efficiently and accurately.
Now includes corner door options to use in your designs using glass or frame for the connection type.
Organizing materials alphabetically, by insertion, or by the most popular materials. Making it easier to find the perfect materials
ArchiMaster3D now supports highly detailed blocks and stores them outside the catalog, so the large blocks don’t bloat the catalog. In addition, upon insertion, you can define a 2D plan view and line styles.
Solid fill can change the appearance of a floor plan from a working drawing to a presentation plan. Now you can turn on and off solid fill very easily with a button.
Full 3D Tree and Plant Library Built: The tree and plant library now includes fully detailed realistic 3D trees and plants that have 2D representation. The new trees and plants will improve the look of a 3D model and cast appropriate shadows. whiteuncheck
Trimble™ SketchUp Support Import custom 3D objects such as furniture or appliances into any ArchiMaster3D.
Realistic 3D Visualization Design in photorealistic 3D, create 3D Virtual Walkthrough tours, & visualize your home interior at different times of day.
Create photorealistic backdrops with new skyboxes.
Roof Configuration in multiple pitch & multiple plate height in roof styles of hip, gable, mansard, & arch. whiteuncheck
Electrical Planning from outlets & switches to home theater systems & home networking. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Electrical Wiring. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
HVAC Planning Insert elements such as central air units, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, floor registers & vents. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Plumbing Planning Add fixtures such as sinks & toilets that take into consideration size & elevation off the floor. whiteuncheck
Door Wizard Add simple doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, sliding doors, garage doors & more.
Use enhanced door handling for double doors.
Added support for garage door sills.
Windows Wizard Add casement, hung, sliding, bay, vent, hopper, louvered windows, plus windows in any shape.
Windows now can feature federation and prairie style grill patterns.
Combine 2 windows into one corner window using glass, sash or frame for the connection type.
Create 3D Animations.
Support for HomeVR app for iOS and Android.
Foundation Builder Wizard Easily click & drag walls, doors & windows that automatically snap into place. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Onscreen angular dimensions makes creating floorplans even easier. whiteuncheck
Enhanced customization for windows and doors.
Import Existing Floor Plans Utilize scanned or sketched floor plans then trace over it using Real 3D elements.
Easily share items between projects with new cut/copy/paste feature.
Mirror Elements Allows an entire reversal of a floor plan.
Draw In 2D Plan View A flat overhead view to draw walls, insert doors, windows, stairs, cabinets, appliances & more).
Extensive Materials Library Options from brand-name & generic products (includes appliances, electronics, furniture, lighting fixtures & more).
Replace Paint & Fabric Select & replace paint, stain & fabric options from leading national brands.
Hundreds of Lighting Fixtures.
Flooring Materials Library Replace floors with hardwood, slate, ceramic tile & more.
Visualize Your Projects In Photo-Realistic 3D & generate walkthroughs of your interior designs.
Cabinets include a toe space option for floating cabinet styles. whiteuncheck
Kitchen Builder Wizard Quickly create a kitchen layout or utilize from existing layouts & style templates that include upper & lower cabinets, a sink, refrigerator & stove. whiteuncheck
Bathroom Builder Wizard Get great design ideas for your bathroom in traditional or contemporary style that include a sink, bathtub and/or shower.
Kitchen Appliance Library Insert a wide variety of appliances in your design by pointing & clicking. whiteuncheck
Kitchen & Baths Cabinets Library Pick over 200+ different styles & apply the size, composition & finish of your choice. whiteuncheck
Kitchen & Baths Countertops Library Choose from granites, marble, slate, ceramic tile, limestone, quartz & more. whiteuncheck
Dozens Of Bathtub Options Choose & visualize your new deckmounted, integrated or free-standing tubs. whiteuncheck
Terrain Modeling Edit size, base level & contour display of design area and recreate the topography of your lot by adding hills, valleys, berms, trenches, plateaus or slopes. whiteuncheck
Irrigation Catalog Contains a selection of pop-up sprinklers with varying ranges of spray. whiteuncheck
Paths Tool to create sidewalks, pathways and driveways. whiteuncheck
Pools & Hot Tubs Expanded selection of exterior pool & hot tubs to make the outdoor living space more functional. whiteuncheck
Garden Visualizer Alter the age of a plant to determine its size & see how they look over a specified time in the future. whiteuncheck
Fences & Gates Variety of style options by general flat surface, privacy, picket, wood or ranch. whiteuncheck
External Lighting on terrain or location by an assortment of light sources mainly fluorescent & incandescent light bulbs. whiteuncheck
Exterior Structures Insert playhouses, sandboxes, tennis & volleyball courts, trampolines, gazebos & greenhouses. whiteuncheck
Deck Builder Wizard Automatically build decks & patios in virtually any shape, size or material. whiteuncheck
Shed Builder Wizard Create by selecting style, entering dimensions & specifying door & window placement. whiteuncheck
Outdoor Accessory Library Includes patio furniture, fountains, waterfalls, barbecues & more. whiteuncheck
Room Dimensions Tool Instantly calculates the dimensions of a room (length x width) & inserts the room measurements. whiteuncheck
Window/Door Schedule Get detailed information of each window/door & count for each type in any location. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Area/Perimeter Tool Area/Perimeter Tool displays the area (e.g. square footage) and perimeter length of each location in your model. It also displays the total area and total perimeter (of all locations). whiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Create even more realistic renders with Baked lighting in Presentation mode.
Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Helmet VR Support Get enhanced realism in standard 360° view in VR Presentation mode.
1 Worksheet for Printing. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Define SmartView whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Text in Worksheets whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Linear Dimensions in Worksheets. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Aligned Dimensions in Worksheets. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Angular Dimensions in Worksheets. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Project Manager in Worksheets. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Setup Dimension Styles. whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck
Vector Printing whiteuncheckwhiteuncheckwhiteuncheck